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Josh Pfaff

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Josh Pfaff

Director of Photography at heart, Director by accident. Josh has been directing for Locke and Stache, whether accidentally or intentionally, from the beginning. His focus on story and aesthetic are intensified by his intentionality with every small detail. Josh is skilled at collaborating closely with both client and talent to bring to life stories that matter.

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Concepts: Bass Pro Shops

Director of Video: Vince Wendell

Producer/Coordinator: Allison Ezell

Editor: Andie Gilmore

GFX: Victor Brown

Director: Josh Pfaff

DP: Joe Ramos

1st AC/Gimbal Tech: Chris Olson

Producer: Kaylinn Clotfelter

Photographers: Nate Stroup and Clatyon Dodwell

Audio Engineer: Colton Jackson

Stylist: Kimmy Snow and Erica Walus

Hair/Makeup: Nikki Smith

Grips: Michael Stone and Garrett Smalley

PA: Thomas Houser

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