What do video projects and ghosts have in common? They both come to life after they are shot. Our post-production services include in-house Editing, Color, and Animation.


Something has to die on the editing room floor, and we would rather it be a beloved shot and not the whole message. With intention on story, every layer that is applied adds to the final pace and direction.


Always color within the lines, but sometimes don't. Our in-house colorist Joe Ramos takes projects to their fullest color form, whether that's a clean corporate grade, or a color-bending unique style.


Some say they don't see ghosts, but they can hear them. Most of the time, that is the most impactful. To bring the audio side of projects to life, we work with Colton Jackson at Invent Audio and Design to create custom scores, sound design, and mixing.


At times, a ghost story can only go so far. Often, you will need text and graphics that highlight more information than a beautiful frame can.




Mother’s Brewing Company | Beer Commercials

Bass Pro Shops | More Than Just a Gift

Gigantic | Skankenstein

Gerber | Fish Beyond

Ozark Renegades

MIDXMDWST | Mural Art and Culture Fest