Counting to 1000 | Short Film

Counting to 1000 is a crime thriller short film examining the idea that good and evil is not always black and white. Detective Callow examines this gray area while investigating a gruesome, botched home invasion attempted by Donny, a low level criminal, and his merciless crew. During an interrogation, Donny and Detective Callow piece together what went wrong with what should have been an easy job, and discover that the intentions of those involved are not at all as they appear.




Josh Pfaff

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Short Film

Behind the Scenes


Josh Pfaff

Director of Photography at heart, Director by accident. Josh has been directing for Locke and Stache, whether accidentally or intentionally, from the beginning. His focus on story and aesthetic are intensified by his intentionality with every small detail. Josh is skilled at collaborating closely with both client and talent to bring to life stories that matter.

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Gear Used

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Detective Callow: Teri Austin

Donny: Ran Cummings

Erica: Cailee Spaeny

Gail: Jonna Kae Volz

Detective Williams: Kolyn Marshall

Papa: George Cron

Higgins: Kevin Keppy

King: Zayne Davidson

Rose: Jess Avey

Porter: Michael Reiser

Intruder: Stevie Pierce

Mother: Reja Spaeny

Barber: Alex White

News Reporter: Kris Palmer

Production Company: Locke and Stache

Director: Josh Pfaff

Executive Producers: Mark Biggs, Colby Jennings, Dan and Sheri Pfaff

Producers: Daan Jansen, Sam Rohde, Andrew Westmaas

1st Asst. Director: Becca Thompson

Screenplay: Becca Thompson and Josh Pfaff

Creative Director: Logan Sparlin

Composer: Tyler Durham

Sound Design: Joshua Moore, Andrew Westmaas

Piano and Cello Performances: Nico Gutierrez

Director of Photography: Nick Mehn

1st Camera Operators: Austin Elliott, Chris Olson

2nd Camera Operator: Taye Taye

1st Assistant Camera: Steven Fitzgerald

2nd Assistant Camera: Logan Triplett

Script supervisors: Lauren Johnson, Sean Thiessen

Production Design: Jessica Larson

Grip: Ethan Hammer, Seth Garrett

Gaffer: Rebecca Bouchard

Best Boy: Keagan Strawhun

Boom op: Travon Mitchell

Casting Director: Reina Hill

Special Effects Make up: Emily Flamm

Special Effects Coordinator: Tim Watts

Costume Designer: Heather Korte

Hair Styist/Makeup: Isha Mahan

Bts Photography: Michael Dameron, Ashlin Wang

Craft Services: Sheri Pfaff

Armourer: Dan Pfaff

Stunt Choreography: Alex Tolar, Michael Reiser

Graphics: Jacob Scowden, Raymond McCord

Set Construction: Bill Westphal

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