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When a band comes to you and says they have this idea for a single take video and want to be covered in all sorts of shit by the end, you listen to them and problem solve to make it happen. We rolled the camera one time on this video. We only had one shot to make it happen due to timing, and the ability to refill supplies for the shoot. After mapping out the shots we practiced over and over with the band and all the friends they could muster. When the beer ran out we said it was time to roll and nailed this take.



Locke and Stache


Josh Pfaff

Video Type:

Music Video

Behind the Scenes


Josh Pfaff

Director of Photography at heart, Director by accident. Josh has been directing for Locke and Stache, whether accidentally or intentionally, from the beginning. His focus on story and aesthetic are intensified by his intentionality with every small detail. Josh is skilled at collaborating closely with both client and talent to bring to life stories that matter.

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DIRECTOR: Josh Pfaff
DP: Christopher Olson
Movi Tech: Christopher Olson
Movi Op: Austin Elliott and Will Stone
EDITOR: Josh Pfaff
BTS Videographer: Taye Taye
BTS Photographer: Courtney Beth
Production Assistant: Kellen McCoy

Music produced by: Adam Lucz
Guitar/Vocals: Brice Richardson
Drums: Joshua Clement
Bass/Vocals: Elijah Ebert
Guitar: Dillon Kaasa

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