Ho! For The West | Shakers




Kaylinn Clotfelter

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Music Video

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Ho! For the West | Shakers

Production Company: Locke and Stache
Executive Producer: Austin Elliott
Producer: Brianna Mathews
Director: Kaylinn Clotfelter
Director of Photographer: Joe Ramos
Camera Tech: Chris Olson
Behind the Scenes: Josh Pfaff
Editor: Kaylinn Clotfelter
Colorist: Joe Ramos
Sound Design: Colton Jackson

Baby: Margot Scowden
Minister: Bob Uthoff
Young Girl: Kyrie Leininger
Girl: Molly McCleary
Man with Gun: Aaron Cheisholm
Man with Cup: Nick Warnoc
Man with Snake: Jacob Scowden
Man with Blood: Luke Caddy

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