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Swanson Russell


Chris Olson

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Chris Olson

Locke and Stache started with a dream of bringing the highest level of cinematic technology to projects that normally wouldn't see that. Chris leads in this technical approach. With a highly analytical mind to problem solve any idea from a client, director, or DP, he makes the camera move in ways that were not thought possible.

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Gear Used

Specialty Services


Director/DP | Chris Olson

Camera Operator | Joe Ramos

First AC/Drone Pilot (Florida) | Tim Michalak

First AC (Minnesota) | Meghan Commons

Jib Operator/Grip | Josh Pfaff

‍Boat Driver (Florida) | Mike Fuller

Boat Driver (Minnesota) | Matt Williamson

Post-Production | Swanson Russell

Colorist | Joe Ramos

Score | Horner Music

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