Nebulous | An Arkansas Bouldering Project

Pure, unadulterated bouldering on some of Horseshoe Canyons and Cowell’s classic test pieces. We wanted to put a modern spin on some of our favorite climbing classics, such as the Dosage series and Pure. Bringing in the big budget style we’re seeing in the mountain bike and snowboarding industry to the climbing world. Lugging over 2000lb of lights and cameras into the backwoods of Arkansas, we spent 13 days over the course of 3 years to bring you Nebulous.




Joe Ramos

Video Type:

Short Film

Behind the Scenes


Joe Ramos

Joe moved to the Midwest for the outdoors, but interpersonal storytelling is where he shines. A cinematographer who pushes for more than just 'teal and orange', he challenges both visuals and theme with fresh perspectives.

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Director | Joe Ramos

Production Company | Locke and Stache
Executive Producers | Austin Elliott | Chris Olson | Josh Pfaff

Travis Cloud
Jamie Strong
Austin Prenger
Weston Rist
Sarah Hoogenboom
Jackson Adair

Director of Photography | Joe Ramos
Technical Director | Chris Olson
Camera Operator| Chris Olson
16mm Operator | Kaylinn Clotfelter
1st Assistant Camera | Logan Triplett | Tim Michalak
Jib Operator | Josh Pfaff
Swing |Oliver Covey
Photographer | Chase Castor

Editor | Joe Ramos
Assembly Editor | Logan Triplett
Additional VFX | Bear Hanrahan
Title Design | Kaylinn Clotfelter
Colorist | Joe Ramos


Score | Colton Jackson | Tobias Bartsch
Vocals | Viktorija Kukule
Sound Design | Colton Jackson
Foley | James Styron | Colton Jackson
Final Mix | Colton Jackson

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