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Josh Pfaff

Director of Photography at heart, Director by accident. Josh has been directing for Locke and Stache, whether accidentally or intentionally, from the beginning. His focus on story and aesthetic are intensified by his intentionality with every small detail. Josh is skilled at collaborating closely with both client and talent to bring to life stories that matter.

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Production Company: Locke and Stache
Director: Josh Pfaff
Executive Producer: Austin Elliott
Producer: Ashlyn Elliott
DP: Joe Ramos
Cam Op: Chris Olson
Grip and Electric: Ghost Grip and Electric
Production Designer: Nikki Simmons
Graphic Design: All True Studio
Wardrobe Stylist: Kadie Kirkpatrick
Editor: Logan Triplett
Animation: Lane Carter
Colorist: Joe Ramos
BTS Videographer: Justin Cox
PA: Hailey Brown

Norm: Michael Stone
Host: Amber Renae Gibson
Convenience Store Employee: Tristin “Bog” Bogner

Special Thanks: SGF Soundstage, Brandon Goodwin, Springy Jeans, Hakaars Bizarre, Ozark Print Co., Nils Seubold, Kyle Scheele, Nick Warnock, Paul Simmons, Kay’s Country Store.

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